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Nicholas Tse Ting Fung in SHAOLIN was beyond evil, aside from co-star Andy Lau Tak Wa even the crew sensed a very strong evil force.

Ting Fung in the film played Wa Jai's deputy officer who has always followed orders but suppressed a variety of displeasure inside. He plotted a revolt and finally changed drastically to become evil incarnate. Ting Fung completely accepted playing the villain because he looked forward to it for a long time. He said, "To me this is a new attempt. I believe this time I will have another breakthrough performance." Ting Fung even attentively prepared for the villain from the outside in, like deliberately growing facial hair and leaving his hair long to look more mature. In addition, Ting Fung's costume also went from an ordinary military uniform to a dragon robe to make his domination stand out. When Ting Fung put on the dragon robe, everyone was frightened because wit his evil air and dark and evil looks he looked like he was completely obsessed. Ting Fung even revealed that his son also loved kung fu because of him as they often practiced at home. He even ordered a little wooden man for his son so they could practice Wing Chun together.

Also, in a duel between Ting Fung and Wa Jai, they exchanged blows with weapons in the library. Due to the limited space, they had to accommodate each other during the fight. Although Ting Fung was in a dragon robe that could keep him warm from the chill, but it was rather heavy. With all the fighting he was dripping in sweat. Ting Fung joked, "The film production comes with a sauna, how great is it!"

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