Friday, December 10, 2010


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Juno Mak Chun Lung's new film REVENGE: A LOVE STORY (FOOK SAU JEH JI SEI) was not only his first lead role but he also provided the original story. Thus his fans paid a lot of attention to the film. However the film was unable to be released in Mainland. His fans from Guangzhou and Shenzhen earlier formed a group with Hong Kong fans and booked a show to enjoy their idols' new film. Juno also attended after finding out about it to thank them for their support.

Before the screening, fans arranged for a question and answer segment. Some fans were curious whether Juno had any difficulty leaving the character. Juno said that he did not. Because he loved the character too much he did not want to leave at all. Thus everyday after work he
wished for the next day to come sooner. Despite being scarred everywhere he savored every one when he looked at them. Thus people joked that he was deranged and masochistic. Some fans also worried that he would give up his music career and asked when he will release a record. Juno said, "Soon, the new record is almost ready. Hopefully it will be released at the end of December." Later Juno drew winners who received limited edition autographed posters. Because Mainland fans had very little chance to see Juno, after the show they were still reluctant to leave. They stayed and talked to Juno about the story. Many of course asked for
pictures. Juno thanked all the fans for their support and hoped to be able to see them in the Mainland. Finally, they also asked fans to attend a barbecue meeting next year.

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