Wednesday, December 29, 2010


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Gillian Chung Yun Tung, William Chan Wai Ting, and Michelle Wai (Si Nga) starred EX (CHIN DOH) today released its Cantonese version all over the Guangdong province. Earlier the film held a press conference in Guangdong.

The leads were very excited that the film was able to be released in the Guangdong province. Ah Gil very tensely said that the film company fought for a long time before the successful Mainland release. Now seeing it coming to fruition everyone was very excited. Si Nga honestly said that it was his first time working in Guangdong. She was very happy to see how passionate fans were and she was left with a beautiful and memorable impression. She said that she has been in the business for only two years, she already ran into many good characters and she felt very lucky. She joked that this was a rare work to work with two elders abroad and she would properly learn from them.

Several creators rushed through several cinemas, during which cinema owners presented "wheat" as a gift, which meant big hit for the film. Fans asked whether Chan Wai Ting felt embarrassed to always been topless and in shorts, William honestly said that from the beginning to the end he felt that way, but as an actor he definitely could not show it. As for the production, Ah Gil revealed that in the tub scene the team did not prepare swimwear for William, Ah Gil wanted to loan him her own. William said that he was very appreciative but could not accept her good intention!

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