Wednesday, December 15, 2010


Carol Yeung Chi Yiu

Chrissie Chau Sau Na

Jim Chim Shui Man, Tat Dik E Tat, Wong Jing, Chapman To Man Jat

Chrissie Chau, Eric Tsang Chi Wai
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The Wong Jing produced, directed, written and starred new film MAN NAM GWUN SEI DUI (STRONG MEN SCREW DEATH SQUAD) two days ago shot on location in Jiangmen. The shot included Wong Jing, Eric Tsang Chi Wai, Chapman To Man Jat, Dik E Tat and other cheating men who ran into models Chrissie Chau Sau Na, Carol Yeung chiu Yiu, Caroline Chu Yui Lam, Jessica Xu (Tsui Ji Yin), Jiang Yi and others; as the ladies braved the cold and posed for still shots in bikinis and rain coats, Chrissie and Carol naturally became the focus. When reporters asked her to pose with Carol, Chrissie looked to her assistant for help and said, "Let's wait until
everyone is here for a group photo."

To Man Jat in the film played a fengshui master, which Wong Jing said Ah Jat would use to meet girls. However he would not add any fengshui related news. As long as the comedy was funny he did not need to add other elements.

Ah Jat in the film played a couple with Mak Ling Ling, which he joked he strongly demanded. "I feel when both the husband and the wife are fengshui masters, Mak Ling Ling has to play the old lady character. After losing weight her figure is great! The film industry is very dark, actors can choose actresses." Did he "strongly demand" Carol as well? He laughed and said no comment.

Earlier Raymond Wong Pak Ming revealed online that Ah Jat was flirting on the set. He said, "He wanted to write something funny for everyone to read. On the set girls flirt with me. (Did your wife Krystal Tin Yui Nei ask you to pay attention?) No, she has plenty of experience."

Tsang Chi Wai, To Man Jat, Wong Jing, Dik E Tat and Jim Chim Shui Man yesterday worked with Chau Sau Na, Yeung Yiu Chi and others on the new film. The pairings were rather funny. Chi Wai was with Sister Na, Ah Jat was with Carol, Wong Jing was with Chu Yui Lam. Working with five sexy ladies, Chi Wai and Ah Jat of course were in great spirits. On the set they often chatted and had a lot of fun!

Has Chi Wai not worked with young people in a long time? He joked, "It's rare that Ah Jing would keep me in mind. Many are envious. I just started work." Wong Jing just passed by and heard what Chi Wai said. He joked, "Then there is no salary!" Chi Wai and Sister Na had many scenes together. Would he have any bed scene "benefit"? Chi Wai laughed, "I don't know yet. (Why are you always working on cheating films?) When we get together, the result is funny."

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