Wednesday, December 22, 2010


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Chrissie Chau Sau Na and Shum Chi Ming worked together on the new film MARRIAGE WITH A LIAR (FUN CHIN SI OI). In the film they had a passionate bed scene. Sister Na made Shum Chi Ming very nervous. Shum Chi Ming said, "It's impossible not to be embarrassed. When we are in bed bodily contact is inevitable. It truly was very awkward, her figure is too hot! (Did you have any biological reaction?) Yes! How am I not? Yet I focus on work. At the time I can't think too much. I can only try to think about how to play this scene well."

Sister Na said that she felt Shum Chi Ming's reaction. "At the time he was very powerful and very radical. I can sense he was very sweaty! Although he and I both had few bed scene experience, before hand we communicated clearly so the shoot was very smooth." Sister Na also praised him as handsome and was worried that she would "fall for him a little."

Shum Chi Ming revealed that before the shoot friends suggested for him to wear a few more pairs of underwear to avoid embarrassment, but in the end he only wore one pair. Did he fantasize about Sister Na? He said, "She is the goddess of many, I admire her too. (Was Sister Na a good kisser?) Everyone's lips are soft! How can someone's lips be hard?" Would he like to declare war on Sister Na's boyfriend? He did not answer directly, only said, "I believe in fate."

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