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Huang Yi in the film THE ROAD LESS TRAVELED (YUT LO YAU NEI) played a pregnant wife whose husband died at the hands of truck driver Louis Koo Tin Lok. Later she and Goo Jai met and developed the story. When Huang Yi took the role she was at a low point in her personal
life as she was dealing with her divorce. Because she had some experience, she was reminded of a lot. She said that if she took the film ten years ago she might not be able to play this character. She felt that love was Heaven granted, life has more than romance but also family and friendship. For now work came first for her.

Speaking of her view on love, Huang Yi said that she was full of hope in life and love. As for lightning weddings, she felt that time was not a factor. Short time did not mean poor result, and long time did not mean people would be together. Finally it depended on their destiny. She
pointed out that the different stages of her life needed different times, now she remained very sensible about love. However her experience helped with her acting and made her more mature. As for the most memorable scene, she said, "In one scene I couldn't stop crying because it was an emotional release." She also said that her co-star Goo Jai worked very hard on his Putonghua. On and off the camera he worked hard and was focused, his sincerity touched her.

Director Derek Chiu Sung Kei said that ten years ago he worked with Goo Jai on SEALED WITH A KISS (TIM YIN MUK YU). At the time Goo Jai did not speak. Ten years ago they ran into each other again, he thought that his acting was truly looking for change as he did not make anyone feel he was an idol. As for Goo Jai's poor Putonghua, he said that this character was a commuting drivers so his Putonghua might not have to be fluent. Since the story began with an accident, it reminded many of the producer Derek Yee Tung Sing directed LOST IN TIME (MONG BUT LIU). He said that if Chiu Sung Kei did not ask to work with him, no one would make such a connection. He pointed out that people who created the story often did not know, the stories had to be shown to someone else in order for the similarity to appear. This time the story changed and was not the usual ending.

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