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Shawn Yue Man Lok

Lam Jik

Andy Hui Chi On

Law Kar Ying, Liza Wang Ming Chuen
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Lam Jik described Miriam Yeung as a piece of his flesh, to cut it off to give to Ting Chi Ko was truly painful and full of love.

Ting Chi Ko's sister Gany will also get married as her boyfriend Archie successfully proposed

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Miriam Yeung Chin Wa and Real Ting Chi Ko two nights ago held their wedding banquet, which was both funny and cheerful. At the event, Ting Chi Ko had endless surprises for his old lady. He even made a video in which he was waiting for his wife to give birth and played the baby in the studio and sang and danced with his party.

"In the film although I was very silly and funny, I only had one reason of doing it. I like to the old lady laugh. The chance to see the woman I love the most laugh makes me lucky for life. Chin Wa, you married the right old man!" Videos of their childhood, meeting, dating, and marriage registration in Las Vegas were also shown.

When they entered, on stage they exchanged wedding rings, cut the cake, accepted guest well wishes and toasts. They kept thanking friends who helped with their wedding. Chin Wa even laughed, "Why is it so much like an award show......ha ha, like I am giving an award speech, haha, tonight I got this Lifetime Achievement award, which makes me happier and more touched than any other award. Thank you Father in Law and Mother in Law for giving me such a good old man, who makes me find myself again. I don't know what to say, I can only say thank you. I wish the most for Dad and Mommy good health, fortune and happiness. When I get married you are not losing a daughter, you get a son. Hopefully my little brother will get married soon so our entire family two more sons and a daughter."

Ting Chi Ko said, "In my life before I love three women the most, my grandmother, Mommy and Sister. From now on, my life has two more women I love the most, one is my old lady and the other is Chin Wa's Mommy. Mommy I will take great care of Chin Wa and will definitely take
care of you and Dad wholeheartedly." Then Ting Chi Ko sang NOTHING GONNA CHANGE MY LOVE FOR YOU to Chin Wa. They also sang Jacky Cheung Hok Yau's duet YOU ARE THE MOST VALUABLE.

In addition, Lyrics creator Lam Jik said on stage, "In 1996 I began to write lyrics for Chin Wa...her song YOUNG GIRL'S PRAYER, from a young girl who prays for love and marriage to Heavenly Father, to watching her grow up, watching her not turn bad, watching her until today when her dream came true, I believe no award would bring her as much joy. I once was very worried, Chin Wa didn't get married, do I have to write JOAN OF ARC PRAYER for her?......this Joan of Arc gets extra points spiritually and career wise, but on the road of love she drives people away......tonight, I say this to Chin Wa, 'When you are in joy, you don't need to understand joy.' Life unknowingly, when you put the word courage on your chest, goes along with you being yourself, achieves I am me, naturally you get what you want. I remember during the Lunar New Year, Chin Wa and Mr. Ting paid me a visit. We played mahjong together, many people say you see people's true nature on the mahjong table. I saw how much Mr. Ting cared and worried about her. During the game, Chin Wa discarded the wrong tile, Mr. Ting's smile was like seeing a child doing something wrong but still loving this child very much. I can give this sister to Mr. Ting with a lot of ease."

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