Tuesday, December 28, 2010


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Director Benny Chan Muk Sing, Jackie Chan and Fan Bingbing yesterday attended SHAOLIN (SUN SIU LUM JI)'s Beijing press conference. The Mainland version poster and a 3 minute film video were unveiled. The director and the actors even received big drum sticks to start off the
film's Mainland new spring slot with a bang. The director and Jackie Chan even pounded the big drum for encouragement.

When Jackie Chan and Bingbing arrived, Bingbing fans screamed "Bingbing is the greatest". Jackie Chan joked, "Put down all the Bingbing signs." Bingbing joked, "Hurry up and put mine down and pick up Big Brother's signs. Big Brother is the greatest!" Bingbing said that the torture scene in the film was memorable. She said, "In the scene water was poured on my head. Originally we wanted to use hot water, but the steam from it would give it away. In the end we could only use cold water." Aside from her own professionalism, she also praised the director. "From the production highlight the director's hair was still black, by post production he turned gray."

The director did not forget to thank Jackie Chan because he gave a lot of opinions on many of the film's action designs. Guest starring as the "cooking monk", Jackie Chan complained, "At first we agreed on seven days, finally I arrived we shot from morning to night. Everyday I was only allowed to sleep a hour. It was like two weeks worth." In the trailer, Jackie Chan spoke the Henan dialect but Bingbing misunderstood him for speaking the Shandong dialect. Jackie Chan said, "That's the Henan dialect, You are from Shandog how can you hear that wrong!" In order to display his Henan dialect skill Jackie Chan immediately said a few words and kept the fans laughing.

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