Thursday, December 9, 2010


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The Mainland film SACRIFICE and JUST CALL ME NOBODY were released on the same day earlier, but SACRIFICE was suspected of "stealing box office". Soon after both films were released, both films had clear versions online available for download and counterfeit videos were selling in Shenzhen and other places. First time investor of JUST Zhao Benshan was shocked! Earlier some in a Mainland cinema shot a video that some customers bought JUST tickets but received SACRIFICE's. The box office even stated that they could watch JUST with the tickets. JUST's film company said that they would definitely "keep an eye" on the matter and SACRIFICE's film company also responded and hoped for the media to supervise. Yet they stated that the 51 million first week box office was error free. Although this video must be speculation, it also showed how fierce the competition between the two films has been.

In addition, Poly Bona film company, JUST CALL ME NOBODY's release company, yesterday went public on NASDAQ and became the first Chinese film company to be traded in the U.S. Reportedly Jackie Chan was Poly Bona's mysterious major shareholder. After Zhou Ziqi and Annie Wu (Ng Sun Kwan) joined the company, Lan Cheng Long, Huang Yi, and Yolanda Yuan Quan were rumored to be joining as well.

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