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Barbie Hsu

Wu Chun and Han Geng look similar
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Barbie Hsu (Tsui Hei Woon), Wu Chun and Han Geng are working on the film MY KINGDOM. Celestial Entertainment arranged for Hong Kong and Taiwan media to cover the production in Shanghai. Due to advanced statement that only questions about the film were permitted, when Big S was asked about her wedding the event interfered. Big S did not decline to answer though.

Big S after registering her marriage with Mainland rich kid Wang Xiaofei in Beijing immediately returned to Shanghai to continue work on the film. Playing an action opera actress, she had to perform Beijing opera and fight. Her right arm earlier was severely injured. Almost crippled she suddenly thought about quitting the film, later the director persuaded her and accommodated her fighting with her left arm she was convinced to continue on. Aside from the injury, Big S also found difficulty early in the production, in particular the first time Beijing Opera look was very tough. The make up artist was worried that she would be nauseous, dizzy and faint, thus often she would be permitted to put down her head dress to rest. As for her arm and nerve, she only had 50% mobility. Now Big S is already used to using her left arm, even when she held hands. Although the doctor said she could recover in three months, she did not sense any progress so far. She was not worried though as worrying was useless. In addition she could still use her left arm. The film will be completed before the Lunar New Year. Will she have time to plan the wedding? She said, "During the New Year everyone will be off! (Has you decided to hold the wedding in Hainan in March?) The news is just a rumor, nothing has been decided. I won't plan until after the New Year. (Would you like children?) Of course."

In the film, Big S had relationships with both Wu Chun and Han Geng, both she only loved her mentor. Yet the era was the end of the Qing Dynasty, the society still could not accept mentor disciple relationships. She needed courage to be able to love, thus she felt the character's
personality was very close to hers. It was the first time that she worked with either actor, who she both praised as handsome. Wu Chun and Han Geng also took the role because they liked the character's personalities being similar to theirs. In order to cultivate a bond, before the shoot they lived and trained together. the director even arranged for them to face each other for 30 seconds. Although Wu Chun thought it was very awkward, he thought it was very useful afterward.

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