Tuesday, December 21, 2010


Raymond Lam's assistant dropped and broke the award

Denise Ho Wan Si accepted her award despite the loss of her cat Gutgut
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Joey Yung Cho Yi, Raymond Lam
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2010 TVB8 Gold Song Chart Award took place two nights ago. Raymond Lam Fung became the big winner with four awards, the Most Popular Male Singer, Gold Song Gold Award, Global Audience Cantonese Song and Gold Song Award. Joey Yeung Cho Yi was the big winner among female singers with three awards, the Most Popular Female Singer, Gold Song Award and Global Audience Favorite Cantonese Song Award. Before the race a report claimed that Lam Fung did not win any Commercial Radio Award and could not even compete to first year artist Adason Lo (Law Lik Wai), thus TVB appeased him with the Gold Song Gold Award and Most Popular Male Singer Award at the TVB8 Award. Lam Fung thanked TVB and said that when he won the Male Singer award he did not expect the Gold Song Gold Award because he did not put enough effort into Mandarin songs.

Grasshoppers beat Twins to win Best Group. Grasshoppers thanked Anita Mui Yim Fong on the stage and said their mentor was right, 25 years later they again won the Group Award. When asked whether they were very sentimental, Choi Yat Chi said, "Not sentimental, we are happy. After persisting for 25 years we can still persist as a group, hopefully we can endure until the golden anniversary." Ah Chi said that it was a recognition and the award was extra meaning on their 25th anniversary.

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