Wednesday, December 29, 2010


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A full figure Kelly led to pregnancy rumors

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Andy Lau Tak Wa two nights ago performed the 9th show of his concert series at the Hong Kong Coliseum. Two nights ago Wa Jai's guest was Kelly Chen Wai Lam. Wa Jai was rather daring when he introduced Kelly and joked that this beauty was the only woman who has been in the same bathtub as him. When Chen Wai Lam appeared, Wa Jai lovingly hummed, "I think I don't love you enough!"

After Chen Wai Lam was on stage, Wa Jai praised Kelly's figure. Then Wa Jai hoped that Kelly would accept the applause and the cheer of 12,000 people. "Today I invited you here, hoping that you in front of everyone can say a few good things about me." Kelly joked, "Good things? This concert alone isn't long enough for me to finish. Do I keep talking even though I can't go home tonight?" Wa Jai joked, "Don't worry, we have plenty of time." Kelly said that Wa Jai was great at everything in his 30 years in the business, but one thing she was a little better than Wa Jai at. Wa Jai said, "Aside from having a baby, what else are you better than me at?" Kelly said raising a son. Wa Jai said, "You are good at raising a son, I am good at raising a girl, hahaha!" Kelly asked, "Raising a girl? Let's make it clear! If you really have a girl, I immediately tell 'Shrimp Dumling Kid' to pursue your girl; but if you have a son, then I immediately try for a daughter."

Wa Jai said, "No, mine can pursue your son. When will you try for a daughter to show me? I thought your son is already this handsome, if you have a daughter......I would keep up (my looks) no matter what, then pursue your daughter." Kelly said, "If I have a daughter she will pursue your son because all he needs is to inherit one thing from me. The faithfulness alone is already extremely rare in the world. This type of men is already extinct." What Kelly said scared Wa Jai backstage as he screamed, "Ladies and gentlemen, Chen Wai Lam!" Kelly said, "He left before I even finished talking. Today originally I thought it was Wa Jai's 30th anniversary I would dedicate BIG DAY to him; but he said he really wanted to hear this song, so I rehearsed this song STAR."

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