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The film MR. AND MRS. INCREDIBLES (SUN KEI HUP NUI) director Vincent Kok Tak Siu, producer Peter Chan Ho Sun and lead actress Sandra Ng Kwan Yu yesterday attended a Shenzhen UA KK Mall opening ceremony and the trailer premiere. Kwan Yu said that lately she has been busy with the film and rarely saw her husband Chan Ho Sun. On this rare opportunity to work as a business they could treat work like fun and could have family meetings on the way.

Kwan Yu personally provided some of the Mandarin dialogue in the trailer yesterday. Kwan Yu said that she provided the Mainland version Putonghua lines in their entirety. As for her co-star Louis Koo Tin Lok, she said, "If he wants to do voice work, I welcome the challenge. However it may take a month." She explained that actually Goo Jai's schedule could not accommodate. She took several days and had an instructor on hand while she provided her voice. The pronunciation had to be very exact. Of course she would not sound as good as in her native tongue.

Kwan Yu has been alone in her recent promotions. She honestly said that she felt lonely, but because Goo Jai was busy with the film he would not have time until later. This time Kwan Yu promoted with her husband Chan Ho Sun. Was she happier with her husband or with Goo Jai?
She joked, "I am just as happy with both. I rarely see Peter, I see Goo Jai about as much as I do with him." She said lately she has been busy with another Lunar New Year film. Everyday when she got home she had no energy to chat with Peter. Usually her first word would be "exhausted." Then she would immediately go to sleep. Thus this time with the chance to work together, on the way they took the chance to handle some family business that they did not have time to talk about. This Christmas their family will go to Chan Ho Sun's home in Thailand. In the Lunar New year they might go skiing.

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