Sunday, December 12, 2010


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Industry expert has dubbed 4+1 as founding the "China internet film age". As of the 9th, the film reached 210 million hits. Two days ago a celebration was held in Beijing. Producer Pang Ho Cheung, directors Derek Tsang Kwok Cheung, Jimmy Wan Chi Man, Leste Chen and stars Zhou Xun and Shawn Yue Man Lok attended.

Many people in show business have already become microblog fans. Pang Ho Cheung and Yue Man Lok would update almost everyday and had many fans. Zhou Xun however did not start one with her own name. Earlier "Nail File Demon Lee Hoi Yi" was her, but Zhou Xun said, "I don't have any microblog." and avoided the sensitive subject.

Yue Man Lok who has always given people impression of being a little dull actually had quite a tolerance for alcohol on the set. Leste Chen said, "Our leads during the shoot had something in common, we would drink even during the shoot." When the Zhou Xun starred NAIL FILE DEMON was about to wrap, everyone thought it was very successful. Thus the WAR OF LIES team and the NAIL FILE DEMON team got together and drank to celebrate.

Speaking of a nail file swallowing scene, she said, "Even if it was real, it would have already gradually melted away in my stomach." Lok Jai that his first internet film was very fresh. He said, "Because I haven't made one before, I once suspected whether anyone would watch.
Later I realize how strong the internet truly is. I also realize that actually I haven't watched television in a long time."

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