Friday, December 17, 2010


Maggie Cheung Ho Yi tries to accommodate but is still talker than Eric Tsang
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Chrissie Chau Sau Na

Carol Yeung Chi Yiu

Eric Tsang Chi Wai, Maggie Cheung Ho Yi
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Chrissie Chau Sau Na, Carol Yeung Chi Yiu, Eric Tsang Chi Wai, Chapman To Man Jat, Maggie Cheung Ho Yi and others yesterday worked on the film MAN NAM GWUN SEI DUI (STRONG MEN SCREW DEATH SQUAD) shot on location at the Happy Valley cemetery. In the scene friends bid big player Richard Ng Yiu Hong a final farewell. All the young models lost to Monica Chan Fat Yung. Although the temperature was only eight degrees Celsius, Chan Fat Yung dressed provocatively. This veteran completely overwhelmed the younger girls. When Monica posed with Donut member Caroline, To Man Jat praised, "The first wife is hotter than the second."

Chau Sau Na said that with the recent temperature drop, the team spared them with more conservative costumes. As for losing to veteran Monica, she praised her beauty and she did not deliberately forfeit to her. She even praised her figure as great. Chrissie said that comparison
would be different because their costumes were different. She thought that her figure was very well maintained. In the end younger folks should not be compared with veterans.

Carol said that the costume was not her own. Since she played a little girl, she would wear Japanese floral pattern dresses. She said everyone was pretty. Veterans of course were pretty, younger folks needed to learn more from them. Aside from acting, Carol has been busy with studying for examinations and doing her homework. However she said that her grades have not dropped. She has been working very hard in her first year at the university. She rarely missed class as her attendance rate was 80%. She was on hand with her homework. Unfortunately she had less time to be with her family and boyfriend. Although her boyfriend has complained, she only wanted to make more money before the Lunar New Year.

Chan Fat Yung in the film played Wong Jing's wife, but Brother Jing had mistresses. As for Ah Jat's praise, she thanked him and later will pretend to be his fan on the microblog and like his microblog 10,000 times. She thanked everyone for saying that she beat the young models. She praised them as young and invincible. Their figures were great. Monica said that last night during the overnight shoot, Ah Jat took a photo of Chau Sau Na sleeping. She said that she was very pretty, even when she was sleeping. Monica honestly said that she only paid attention to young models with more exposure like Chau Sau Na and Angelababy. Every one of them were very pretty and youth was invincible. She joked that she competed in the beauty pageant when she was young, otherwise would she be competing now?

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