Thursday, December 23, 2010


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The Winter Solstice is bigger than the New Year. Andy Lau Tak Wa two nights ago continued to spend the winter at Hong Kong Coliseum with his parents who came in support and in the cheer of 12,000 viewers. The Andy Lau Unforgettable Concert's third show guest, Anthony Wong Chau Sun, appeared with sunglasses and a rose in hand. They even shared their impression of the other. Chau Sun honestly said that Wa Jai in his heart absolutely was a Hong Kong icon, the audience cheered and applauded in response.

Chau Sun appeared for the first time as a guest performer at Wa Jai's concert, which left his shivering. For this rare chance to perform at the Hong Kong Coliseum, he not only performed STAR (MING SING) solo but also secretly learned to play the first part of the song with a harmonica. Although he was off with the first word, he was more than sincere. The audience even applauded to cheer Chau Sun on.

Wa Jai introduced Chau Sau as "Madman Chau Sun" and joked that if he had a gun he definitely would have killed him; because every time he saw Chau Sun, his eyes were never unfriendly. He believed that 90% of the fans on hand like him wanted to murder Chau Sun. Chau Sun said, "That's why I appeared with a pair of sunglasses on tonight, to avoid any eye contact with you and get into trouble. Actually I have been rather lucky, I haven't died from this yet." Wa Jai said that their friendship was built when they worked on a film in Prague. By chance they chatted for three hours at a bar. Since then they had a deeper understanding of each other until today. Chau Sun in his life has become a very close friend. He even publicly praised Chau Sun's acting. Wa Jai's praises embarrassed even "Madman Chau Sun".

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