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Currently shooting LADY GENERALS OF YANG FAMILY (YEUNG MOON NUI JEUNG) in Inner Mongolia, Cecilia Cheung Pak Chi during a horse riding scene accidentally fell off the horse and suffered scratches on her face, neck and shoulder. Luckily Pak Chi was fine and yesterday attended a jewelry store ribbon cutting ceremony in Suzhou.

Cheung Pak Chi and good friend Grace Ip Pui Man were working on YEUNG MOON NUI JEUNG in Inner Mongolia. Pak Chi's make up artist earlier revealed online, "I was almost scared to death, a few days ago Second Sister (Pak Chi) fell from a horse. Her shoulder, neck and face were injured." A photo of Pak Chi in bandage was posted.

Ip Pui Man said, "At first I thought she was riding a fake horse, then I saw Pak Chi personally getting on a real horse. Her professionalism was truly scray!" Earlier Pak Chi asked her manager Emily to tell her fans online, "Everyone, Pak Chi know how heartbroken you are and was touched to tears. She told me to tell you she is fine and to remember that she will also be the most pain tolerant and most courageous woman!"

Pak Chi said that Inner Mongolia was very cold as temperature remained below freezing. She would soon be solid ice. Pak Chi said, "Several days ago in a fight scene a prop hit me, but it was so cold that I couldn't feel the pain! Later I realized that my neck hurt a lot, I couldn't turn around quickly." She honestly said that she missed her sons and wanted to go home to see them. She also said that she hired a Putonghua tutor to teach her children the most authentic Putonghua. With Christmas on the way, Pak Chi helplessly said, "I have to stay on the set, I can't go home to be with my husband and sons. Only Inner Mongolia's snowstorm will keep me company!"

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