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Andy Lau Tak Wa was not lonely at all this Christmas, not only did he have tens of thousands of fans to celebrate with at the Hong Kong Coliseum but he also celebrated the birthday of "the woman he cares of the most" Deanie Ip Tak Han twice. At the concert Wa Jai led fans in a rendition of the birthday song, which touched Ip Tak Han a lot.

As Wa Jai's guest every night, Ip Tak Han two nights ago celebrates her birthday on Christmas. The filial Wa Jai loved this "mommy" of his just as much. Two days ago at rehearsal he gave the birthday girl her first surprise. After Sister Deanie finished her song, the band played the birthday song as Wa Jai brought a cake, dancers, little martial art monk, Kay Tse On Kay and others to sing along. Sister Deanie could not be more pleasantly surprised and could not believe that everyone remembered her birthday. She was extra touched to be able to celebrate her birthday and Christmas with her "son" and the team.

Wa Jai had more surprises. During the show's encore segment, Wa Jai suddenly grew sentimental and said to the audience, "Please give me 3 minutes of silence, I have something very important to say. Tonight a woman I love very much is on hand, today is her birthday......" The crowd roared as Wa Jai said to Sister Deanie who was watching the show from the control center, "Ma Ma I love you!" Joey Yung Cho Yi who sat behind her immediately gave her a hug as Wa Jai and thousands of fans sang the birthday song, making the joy to the world Christmas night even warmer. Joey two nights ago brought her mother to the show. In leopard print, Joey could not care less if people recognized her as she often stood up and danced. She even stayed for the entire show.

Two nights ago guest Tse On Kay also received Wa Jai's attention. When Wa Jai introduced Kay he even revealed what she said to him. "I watched many fans grew up. This one I watched her start her career, get married, have a child. I remember once after she gave birth, she dragged her fat body and appeared at my premiere. She told me she didn't want fans to forget her, so she quickly lost weight and came back. Yet in my heart, her development and performance have been great, she didn't have to be afraid of fans forgetting her!" Tse On Kay teary eyed gave Wa Jai a hug. Wa Jai said to her, "Crying is no big deal, the most important is you are crying out of joy!"

As a member of Wa Jai's fan club, Tse On Kay performed at her idol's concert as a guest. She said, "I have to represent the fan club and thank fans who support Wa Jai." Then she sang STAR in praise of her idol and received passionate applauses from the crowd.

Two nights ago a group of black fans appeared in the audience. Wa Jai very curiously asked them if they knew Cantonese. He even asked his fans to teach them to sing IF ONE DAY. Although this group of fans might not understand but they waved their glow sticks throughout. They even screamed in less than fluent Cantonese, "Wa Jai is very handsome! Wa Jai is great!" Since it was Christmas, fans were reluctant to leave. Wa Jai appeared in two encores and even said to the viewers, "Don't you people have plans tonight? Why won't you leave?" The concert exceeded the limit by 15 minutes but the holiday celebration was worth it.

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