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Her family is not rich, her husband has an accident and she just got pregnant -- does such a poor pregnant woman exist? The Derek Yee Tung Sing produced new film THE ROAD LESS TRAVELED (YUT LO YAU NEI) uses a tragic angle to uncover the general public's life and love after an "accident". Like the memory that LOST IN TIME (MONG BUT LIU) and C'EST LA
VIE MON CHERI (SUN BUT LIU CHING) brought people, a new year tear jerker will be released. Lead actress Huang Yi turned her image upside down with a very big belly and no make up. She swore to get a piece of the holiday slot that is filled with endless comedy. THE ROAD LESS TRAVELED will be released in the New Year. Louis Koo Tin Lok, Huang Yi and Karen Mok Man Wai in the film due to an accident trigger a heartbreaking romantic struggle. Huang Yi in the film played a tragic character whose husband died in an accident as she just got pregnant. With a big belly and no make up, Huang Yi displayed the sorrow after an accident.

In the entire film, Huang Yi's "pregnancy" became the entire film's greatest conflict. Thus she had to carry the growing belly and ran in front of the camera. Huang Yi said, "It really was the first time I played a pregnant woman. Only from carrying a big belly, I understood the difficulty of being a mother." In order to satisfy the character requirement, Huang Yi did not watch what she ate. She said, "In general pregnant women would be a little fatter, this way I would look more realistic." In addition she also deliberately went to a maternity store to observe pregnant women's looks. She said, "When pregnant women walked they were all used to being somewhat pigeon toed. Also because of the sinking waist I also had to get used to supporting my waist." In the show she held her waist while changing a light bulb, which made her feel the "weight" of the belly.

Even more impossible to accept was her husband passing away in the accident, leaving her with only the child in her belly. Huang Yi said, "Playing a pregnant woman isn't the hardest part of the performance. You can learn and pick up every physical movement. Ultimately as a woman, I am naturally prepared to be a mother. The suppressed feeling and the sorrow from losing my love forever are the most complex."

With the challenge of no make up, growing pregnant woman and extreme sorrow, Huang Yi honestly said that in the film she gave all the "strength that she never had before". She believed that even during the holidays people still liked a good and touching love story. She said, "At least we gave the audience another choice. I believe it will be just like C'EST LA VIE MON CHERI, finding box office and word of mouth. Ultimately
viewers will relate to the love in this story."

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