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The Benny Chan Muk Sing directed Lunar New Year film SHAOLIN (SUN SIU LUM JI) will be released at the end of January. Playing a martial art monk, Yu Shaoqun in FOREVER ENTHRALLED played a young Mei Lanfang. This time he turned from a Beijing Opera actor to an action actor. Shaoqun for his character trained hard in Eight Diagram Pole and Seven Star Fist. Although he put in quite an effort, he still was hit in the head. His right forehead immediately had a lump the size of a ping pong ball and he was nearly disfigured.

In the scene Shaoqun went to save the Head Abbot. When he was fending off enemies with the Eight Diagram Pole, his co-star accidentally hit him in the forehead. The crew immediately rushed to check on his injury. Shaoqun put pressure on the lump on his head right away and sat on the ground. The doctor on the set applied ice to keep the swelling down, then disinfected the wound. Even the director was surprised to see his injury and asked the crew to send him to the hospital for an examination. Yet Shaoqun after resting awhile did not feel dizzy and decided to finish the scene before going to the hospital. The director could only accommodate with the camera and make up. Everyone praised him for his professionalism. Shaoqun after the shoot rushed to the hospital for treatment and received four stitches.

Shaoqun honestly said that he deeply experienced the difficulty of being an action actor. With kung fu action films he expected injuries. However he did not expect that it would be on his forehead. Shaoqun honestly said that he was vain so he thought about whether he would be
disfigured. Luckily it did not leave a scar.

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