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Shu Qi, Ge You, Ady An
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Feng Xiaogang, Shu Qi, Ge You and Ady An Yi Hin yesterday attended a IF YOU ARE THE ONE 2 press conference in Shenzhen. They joked that after 2030 they will work work on another sequel. Shu Qi said that Miriam Yeung Chin Wa invited her to her wedding banquet and she will send her a deep well wish, but as for whether she was envious of Chin Wa, Shu Qi said that it was beyond her control.

Shu Qi looked tired when she talked about the production yesterday and often played with her necklace. She said that perhaps the sofa she was on was too comfortable. Will Shu Qi and Ge You work on a third installment? Shu Qi said, "Yes, maybe in 2030. Actually I am just joking. By then Brother You will be 70 and I will be 50." Ge You said that the director should answer that question. Did he and Shu Qi have many intimate scenes this time? He honestly said that he had some on the sofa and in bed. As for kiss scenes, he said no. It was only a pretend kiss. Would he like to have a kiss scene in the third film? He said, "Director Feng said that if those scenes were done well they would be quite nauseating. If the idea is good, even without a kiss scene it is more intimate than a kiss scene."

Speaking of Jiang Wen's LET THE BULLETS FLY breaking 100 million in a few days in the Mainland, Ge You said that he had no idea but it was necessary. Did he have any pressure from IF 2? He joked, "Actually I have parts in all three films this year, so I don't have any pressure. I already got my money." Shu Qi said that the box office was beyond their control. Speaking of Yeung Chin Wa's wedding banquet, Shu Qi said that Chin Wa invited her but due to promotions she could not attend. She will attend the banquet on the 24th and send a deep well wish to Chin Wa. Shu Qi nodded in agreement that Chin Wa and her husband's wedding photos looked very sweet. She quoted Director Feng and said that marriage should be properly cherish as it might require 1,000 years of karma to achieve. Was she envious of Chin Wa? She said, "I will be with Brother You. This
is beyond my control."

An Yi Hin was so nervous about working with Director Feng that she almost heard her own heartbeat. Used to television work, she originally thought this was a comedy but ended up making three days of crying scenes and lost her self confidence. An Yi Hin was said to be Barbie Hsu and Wang Xiaofei's matchmaker but was accused of taking jabs at Big S when she wed because she had a crush on Wang Xiaofei. Yesterday An Yi Hin said that she and Big S have always remained friends and that was a misunderstanding. That day she had the flu so she was frowning all day. She denied having a crush on Wang Xiaofei and said that she never had a crush on anyone.

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