Thursday, December 9, 2010


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Siu Chai would like to participate in the Xinjiang Rally when he has the energy and the money

Silk Road on a motorcycle was unforgettable for Siu Chai

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Richie Jen (Yam Yin Chai) hosted a now Hong Kong program that will be released Saturday night. Yesterday Siu Chai invited the media to a Silk Road lunch. Not only was previews of the show shown, Siu Chai also learned to make Xinjiang hand pulled noodles, which snapped three times. now presented Xinjiang minority tribal hats and instrument to Siu Chai.

With Christmas on the way, Siu Chai said that originally he could be able to be with his family on the holiday. However because his new film LADY GENERALS OF THE YANG FAMILY (YEUNG MOON NUI JEUNG)'s city gate set was blown down in Inner Mongolia, the team had to build it anew. The postponed production ruined his Christmas holiday. He worked with Cecilia Cheung Pak Chi again after HONESTY (JUET JUNG HO NAM YUN). Earlier they saw each other. In the film as soon as they saw each other they would fight. Siu Chai also said that the local temperature dropped to 40 below zero (Celsius), even sheep were frozen to death. Thus at work he planned to work thermal undershirt and shoes. He was worried of electrocution. Aside from Pak Chi, the film also starred Cheng Pei Pei and Liu Xiaoqing. Siu Chai said, "The film will have over 50 actresses. I should be very lucky."

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