Wednesday, December 15, 2010


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Impersonating TVB chief Stephen Chan Chi Wan in the play MY LIFE AS A TV, Jim Chim Shui Man was banned. Recently their relationship thawed as he not only appeared in TVB's all new reality show but also guest starred in the Lunar New Year film I LOVE HONG KONG. Jim Sir said, "The problem has never been too great. I create with creativity, any station that is interested in me I would work with. This time still turns out to be a collaboration. (Will you slam TVB on the program?) I will play, but not slam." He also praised the program as not as sloppy as he imagined. With only one episode, further collaboration will depend on ratings and TVB's sincerity. Did Jim Sir feel TVB was not as petty as it used to be? He did not answer directly. "I work when it's suitable, there is no need to be so stubborn." Jim Sir earlier worked on a children's program for TVB but halfway through the project was halted. Later even the person who approached him left the post.

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