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The film UNDERGROUND RESISTANCE two days ago held a press conference in Tianjun, director Li Xin appeared with leads Vicki Zhao Wei and Huang Xiaoming. This film finally uncovered its mysterious veil, but the team remained vague about the film and declined to answer questions. As good friends and classmates for 14 years, Huang Xiaoming and Zhao Wei will work together on the big screen for the first time. Huang Xiaoming even gave a mysterious present to celebrate Zhao Wei's recent Best Actress award -- Petrvs red wine from the year that Zhao Wei was born.

For her first comeback film, she said, "I like the character in the film very much. The first time when I picked up the script, the exciting and mysterious story attracted me to read it all at once." Huang Xiaoming played the male lead in the first collaboration 10 years after the university classmates graduated. Although they worked together many times at the university and on commercials as well as music, it was their first on screen collaboration. When asked why now, Huang Xiaoming revealed that actually in recent years they would think of the other first
with suitable scripts. "It just happened to be ten years since graduation, it may be fate for us to choose to unite in UNDERGROUND RESISTANCE."

Not long ago Huang Xiaoming and Zhao Wei were both nominated for Hundred Flower Awards. Finally Zhao Wei won Best Actress. Huang Xiaoming even gave a mystery present to Zao Wei. The present was very meaningful, red wine from the year that Zhao Wei was born. Reportedly it was worth 40,000 yuan, which surprised Zhao Wei.

UNDERGROUND RESISTANCE announced officially the sixth generation director Li Xin will be the film's director, with international award winning art films BEIJING BICYCLE and BLUE GATE CROSSING producer and veteran film professionals Hsu Hsiao-Ming and Hsu Bing-Hsi as producer and executive producer.

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