Tuesday, December 14, 2010


Ge You, Jiang Wen
courtesy of takungpao.com

LET THE BULLETS FLY after promoting in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Chengdu and other places stood high in popularity. A LET THE BULLETS FLY phenomenon has appeared in the Mainland as many media and companies used LET THE BULLETS FLY as news headlines or promotional slogans.

In recent years thousands of young people have made Mainland trendy slangs popular. Yet Director Jiang Wen never expected that LET THE BULLETS FLY would become a Mainland "trendy slang", as many media and companies used the term as news and promotional slogans. Actually everyone thought the title sounded like a powerful explosion and used it to mean "explode" and "rapid rise". Recently the stock market and the property market have been positive in the Mainland, the media used the term mostly on such news headlines. Director Jiang Wen of course also discovered this phenomenon and honestly said that he admired the public imagination. "Many friends don't understand the meaning of the term, I
hope to give viewers even more space to imagine and develop. I didn't expect everyone to define the term as 'explode', which I thought was rather innovative. Of course, I hope the next time the term LET THE BULLETS FLY is in the headlines it is referring to my film box office's
straight up rise!"

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