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SACRIFICE had over 100 million at the box office in less than six days and was the only State Administration of Radio, Film and Television recommended film that was screened for diplomats from the world in Beijing; its word of mouth has also been decent. No wonder Chen Kaige revealed that the film originally had a second ending: Huang Xiaoming as Han Jue burnt the revenge diagram in memory of Qing Ying. He also said that if the box office was good he would consider a sequel and used this ending as the opening of the film.

The film SACRIFICE was based on Chen Kaige's foundation from Yuan Mixed Opera and other historical information. To coordinate with today's life view and value, not only Qing Ying was changed from a guest to a doctor but also Han Jue who in history helped the Zhao orphans regain their identities became a scar faced general. Each character's fate greatly differed from the traditional story and gave birth to the new fate of these characters. Since its release SACRIFICE received decent word of mouth and high box office. Yet many viewers that the ending was "unexpected" as the film held character whereabouts up in the air. Viewers wanted to understand what happened after the ending, but everything seemed to be left a lot of room for the film to be extended.

Director Chen revealed, "Actually at the wrap two endings were shot. After many friends have seen the original ending supported the current edited ending more and I had to make compromises." However, Chen Kaige said that if SACRIFICE performed well at the box office, he would consider a sequel with the same team. Chen Kaige revealed that the sequel will begin with the original ending.

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