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Director Patrick Kong (Yip Lim Sum) this year created the new film MARRIAGE WITH A LIAR (FUN CHIN SI OI) with hunk Law Chung Him and otaku goddess Chrissie Chau Sau Na along with Baptist E goddess Carol Yeung Chi Yiu and Brother Manning Shum Chi Ming playing affairs before marriage. In real life Chau Sau Na and Law Chung Him both are linked. The former had a very close boyfriend and the latter has been linked with Theresa Fu Wing. Conceivably they would not go off track like in the film? Chau Sau Na said, "I am able to leave the character. Actually I never thought about it because my first boyfriend was quite a cheater. I don't want to become this type of person." She then praised Law Chung Him as too handsome and she dared not reach. Show business has quite a temptation though, how do they resist? Actually Chau Sau Na thought the temptation was very low because everyone knew she had a boyfriend.

In the film Law Chung Him and Chau Sau Na played a soon to be married couple. Days before the wedding they had a misunderstanding. When their emotions declined they wanted a release. They ran into Yeung Chi Yiu and Shum Chi Ming and even bed scenes that turned the world upside down. Has she told her boyfriend in advance about the bed scenes? Chau Sau Na said, "I mentioned who I was working with." Was being intimate with Law Chung Him very awkward? She said that before hand they communicated. On the set the director immediately commanded where to kiss and to touch, and the climate was hot. With all the sweat they had no way to be awkward. She said, "Because the guys' figures are great, I instead after the cameras stopped rolling wanted them to hold me longer, which would feel more secure!"

As for being luck with his second lead role, Law Chung Him said that he was the biggest sacrifice. He said, "I have to be topless! Actually the director was within two meters all along, I had to listen to his directions and perform naturally. I didn't have time to look at anything. Of course both girls took precautions so they didn't have much to see." This film's subject was marriage, but she felt that neither sex symbols were suitable for marriage. "I wouldn't put the focus on figures. I feel the feeling is more important. I hope to be able to communicate, ultimately this business is very insecure." He honestly said that he and Fu Wing got along decently and she was someone he could communicate with. However he thought that he was not at an age to discuss marriage and that he must have the ability to take care of someone else before she dared to
think. He said, "You have to have a car and a home before a wife, so I won't set a deadline for myself. I can buy a home but I just want to wait for the price to be a little lower."

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