Monday, December 27, 2010


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Miriam Yeung Chin Wa and Real Ting Chi Ko who just completed their wedding banquets two nights ago enjoyed Andy Lau Unforgettable Concert on Boxing Day and stayed from the beginning to the end. Wa Jai saw the couple made valuable time from their "baby making" schedule to support him was not only pleasantly surprised but also decided to give his best performance to thank them. When Wa Jai danced in red, Chin Wa and her husband's blood also boiled from watching. They both got up and danced along with the music.

The guest was new music creator Hanjin Tan. Wa Jai said during his introduction, "When he was born he already knew I existed. Many people like his voice but not his looks. Actually he just isn't as handsome as me, but is still handsome. Would you please with passionate applause prove this to him!" Hanjin Tan also praised Wa Jai as a good role model of today's music scene. He said, "Now music really need a big brother, your hard work and enthusiasm for work is exactly the big brother style. You are a good role model for the younger generation!" Hanjin Tan sang STAR, his first Cantonese song performance and a sincere salute to Wa Jai.

Wa Jai continued to say Christmas Carols to celebrate with the crowd. A passionate female fan presented flowers to him and at the same time was so happy that she grabbed Wa Jai and started crying. Wa Jai tried to cheer her up at his own expense. "Don't be like this! People may think I cheated you......Hey! In the past I can still let loose, but not I can't!"

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