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The Shawn Yue Man Lok, Shu Qi starred film THE SECOND WOMAN (CHING MAI) two nights ago held a premiere.  The leads in the film had passionate bed scenes.  Shu Qi even revealed that she had to seduce Lok Jai.  Aside from the leads, producer Gordon Chan Ka Seung, and director Carol Lai Miu Shuet, other artists like Anthony Wong Chau Sun, Rose Chan Ka Wun, Kam Kwok Leung, Paco Wong were in attendance.  The host asked the leads about memories from the production.  Shu Qi pointed out that the passion scenes with Lok Jai were the most unforgettable.  After the shoot the director was panting and flushed.  Lok Jai grabbed the microphone and imitate the director's breathing mischievously.

Later Shu Qi thought it was cute because the passion scene in the script was written in detail.  After the shoot and the director yelled cut, she asked the director Lai Miu Shuet whether the take was good but she saw her panting and flushed.  Shu Qi also said, "I asked the director if I needed to take more off, the director said I didn't need to."  Shu Qi admitted that the scene needed a little more teasing than just kissing.  Was she satisfied?  She joked, "This is a very conservative scene, very conservative passion scene, I don't know why the director panted so loudly."

As for Yue Man Lok he complained that his co-star colored her hair and dressed up after the film was completed, as he praised Shu Qi's look was just like Beyonce's.  Speaking of their passion scene, Lok Jai said that he and the co-star did not feel awkward, only the director felt awkward.  He said, "Maybe she never thought that we would go so far."  Did he like girls who were so wild, Lok Jai said, "During the shoot I was fond of her, getting into character was normal.  Liking this type of girl isn't hard either."

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