Saturday, March 24, 2012


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Janice Man Wing Shan in the film NIGHTFALL (DAI JUI BO) played Michael Wong Man Tak's daughter.  Two nights ago she attended an event with Wong Man Tak's wife Janet Ma Si Wai and joked that she was lucky enough to meet "Mother".  Speaking of NIGHTFALL's box office, Janice said that she knew it reached over 9 million and headed for 10 million.  Would Janice appear in a bikini to celebrate?  She said that was not her style and would leave this surprise for Nick Cheung Ka Fai to do.  Janice even revealed that she took a beating in all four of her recent films.  She joked that she hoped to have a chance for resurrection in a future film; she also would ask Leon Lai Ming for acting advice.

In addition, speaking of the child abuser in the film Wong Man Tak, Janet said that her husband has never hit their children.  However once because the children would not listen he threw a tantrum and the DVD player, which was rather effective.  Since then the children never dared to disobey their father; when her husband was very angry he once broke a door for release.  However he has only been violent with objects.  Speaking of their daughters in the U.S., Janet revealed that the 16 year old younger daughter was in her first romance and even sent her Korean boyfriend's photo to her.  She believed that her daughter would not behave excessively with her boyfriend.

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