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Zhang Jingchu recently came to Hong Kong to be a guest presenter at tonight's 6th Asian Film Award.  Yesterday Jingchu spoke with the Hong Kong media.  Recently making fewer movies, she said after making AFTER SHOCK last year she was so busy with work that she felt lost.  Thus she deliberately stopped working for awhile, hoping to properly adjust herself.  Now she will only make one or two movies a year.

Last year Zhang Jingchu went to study in New York for half a year, during which she independently and peacefully returned to herself.  When she had time she went to enjoy dramas.  She said that earlier she had a group of people taking care of her for a long time, she already suspected whether she was able to take care of her.  Then she thought about finding herself again.  Next month she will work on the Sofia Coppola directed film THE BLING RING in Las Vegas.  In May she will work on an European film.  Zhang Jingchu studied directing in school, when will she direct? She admitted that she did not have any plan yet.  She felt that as long as it was able to touch people it would be a good movie.  Speaking of the nominated films, Jingchu hoped for the cast and crew of A SIMPLE LIFE (TOH JEH) would win.  This movie moved her very much.

The Giddens Ko directed YOU ARE THE APPLE OF MY EYE's Michelle Chen and Ko Chen-Tung were nominated for Best Actress and Best New Actor at the 6th Asian Film Award.  Giddens Ko said that Ko Chen-Tung sounded very dumb in real life, this time he had a chance to be nominated he truly was very lucky.  Giddens Ko hoped to rest for two years before making another film as he did not want to withstand too much pressure.  He felt that sincerity was very important to making a movie and he should never hard sell.  He pointed out that he made movies not to sell them.  Although YOU was edited for its Mainland release, he would respect the Mainland standard.  His other novel THE KILLER WHO NEVER KILLS sold both is Hong Kong and Hollywood rights.  He looked forward to seeing the Hollywood version.  If it was made into a rotten film, he could only silently accept it but would silently shed tears.  Has he thought about marriage?  Giddens Ko joked, "Every week I would think about it five or six times, but they would all be momentary impulses.  Luckily Girlfriend has not accepted."

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