Wednesday, March 28, 2012


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Mr., Mag Lam Yun Tung, Michelle Wai (Si Nga), Jeana Ho Pui Yu and others performed in Causeway Bay for the LIVES IN FLAMES street band show.  Due to the lack of security, the scene was very chaotic.  Some even got close to the actors and scared them, police officers were on hand for an understanding of the situation.

Jeana recently has been caught with Parkman Cheung Pak Man.  Were they dating?  Jeana denied that they were and said that they were just friends.  Why was she so afraid when the media ran into them that day?  She explained that because she was afraid without make up her ugly side would be caught.  Jeana stressed, "I am currently single, four years of caged animal fight relationship is already over.  I enjoy being courted now."  After the media photo, Jeana said that she was no longer in contact with Parkman and they were not embarrassed to see each other again.  As for whether they have a chance to develop, Jeana said that she still was choosing and would not be in a hurry.  She now has half a dozen suitors.

Si Nga earlier was caught on the streets with a man in a suit.  She said that he was just a friend, who another friend introduced her to.  Because in her recent film she played a lawyer, she asked this lawyer friend about the law.  Si Nga said, "Knowing more different people is a good thing, life is short.  Acting always requires playing different people, knowing more different people would be helpless."  She stressed that the real deal has not appeared yet.  Earlier she was caught with two men, was she afraid that she was seeing both at once?  Si Nga explained that she was caught with different friends at the same time.

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