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Hong Kong director James Yuen Sai Sun recently blamed Film producer Allen Tan for stealing his script FAKE AND REAL PHOENIX (GA FUNG JUNG WONG) and changing its to the now Cecilia Cheung Pak Chi and Kang Sang-Woo starred film SHADOW OF LOVE (YING JI OI YUN).  Yuen Sai Sun over a year ago in Beijing through Bruce Law Lai Yin's introduction met the Taiwan film producer Tan, who began to talk about the film project with him.  Thus Yuen Sai Sun showed him his original screenplay GA FUNG JUNG WONG, but nothing came of their collaboration.  Early June last year, Yuen Sai Sun from a third party and a worker on the production learned that the Cheung Pak Chi and Kang Sang-Woo starred film SHADOW OF LOVE actually was the story that Yuen Sai Sun participated in and wrote.  Pak Chi's character, story and even name were identical to GA FUNG JUNG WONG.  The idea was the same as well.  The film's producer was Allen Tan.  Yuen Sai Sun not only reserved all rights to sue the film SHADOW OF LOVE original version copyright violation but also wrote to the Federation of Hong Kong Filmmakers, Hong Kong Film Directors' Guild and Hong Kong Screenwriters' Guild for help in hopes that they would obtain justice for

Yesterday the Federation of Hong Kong Filmmakers, Hong Kong Film Directors' Guild and Hong Kong Screenwriters' Guild issued a joint statement, citing that the alleged copyright violation dispute over the original story GA FUNG JUNG WONG between Hong Kong director and screen writer Yuen Sai Sun and Taiwan producer Allen Tan was already in the hands of the Hong Kong Federation of Filmmakers, the Hong Kong Film Directors' Guild and Hong Kong Screenwriters' Guild.  They have sent representatives to follow up with those involved.  Through mutual consultations, Fu Hu Die Shi Dai Ying Shi Culture company has purchased all the rights to the GA FUNG JUNG WONG story and the related dispute has already been resolved.

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