Wednesday, March 28, 2012


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Vincent Zhao Wenzhou and Donnie Yen Chi tan due to the film DUT SHU SUN FUN (SPECIAL IDENTITY) turned against each other.  The former was kicked off the production and thus began a war of words.  Zhao Wenzhou spoke about Shu Qi's microblog closing and praised Shu Qi as a great artist.  He liked her work very much and hoped to work with her in the future.  This time he just told the facts as they were.  Now he wants the matter to pass sooner.  He felt tired and only wanted to return to his normal life.

Yesterday a Mainland site posted stills from the film, fans who supported Zhao Wenzhou said after seeing the photo people would understand why their idol was kicked out -- because he was tall and handsome.

Feng Xiaogang due to his support of Shu Qi suffered online attacks.  He fearlessly continued to fight strongly and yelled at "beasts".  He pointed out that veterinarians were so busy that they did not have enough medicine to give.  Raymond Wong Pak Ming was called "rotten film king" after praising Yen Chi Tan.  He was much more at ease than Feng Xiaogang, explained his stance and at the same time forgave "children" who yelled at him.

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