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Wylie Chiu Shek Chi, Khloe Chu Chi Hiu, Malaysian actress Brandy Lam Si Chi and host Poon Siu Chung earlier worked on the documentary film THE CASES in Hong Kong, Japan and Bali.  Earlier they met with the media to share their production experience.  All three women was praised as daring as the supernatural experience did not scare them, but Chu Chi Hiu admitted that she regretted making the film a little.  At first she thought people would pretend to be ghosts and they had a script, but actually she had to personally attract supernatural phenomenon.

Chu Chi Hiu worked on the Hong Kong abandoned village segment, next to a gold tower in a rundown home a Thai master set up to call upon the spirits.  The master's movement stunned her.  She said with regret, "I didn't know we were going to shoot like this, I felt a little like being set up.  At the time I didn't dare to say anything, but I regret a little of taking the film."  Wylie and Brandy went to a Tokyo murder site to play Ouija.  Wylie said, "This was a wonderful experience, but I may not try it again."

Brandy also went to Bali, but for her first time there she went directly to the cemetery.  She joked, "Friends say Bali is a romantic place, but I didn't feel romantic at all."  She said that they went as a group to shoot, their noises would have scared off any spirit.  In addition she wore a Buddha amulet, if he felt something she would chant.  Ah Chung praised the girls as daring, during the shoot no one screamed for him to help.  Brandy said that because they knew everyone would protect them.

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