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Connie Chan Bo Chu earlier accepted a cable program interview.  Sister Bo Chu talked about her film past.  Sister Bo Chu has made over 100 films.  Her favorites were THE PREGNANT MAIDEN (YUK NUI TIM DING), LADY BOND (NUI SAT SAU) and ETERNAL LOVE (WU BUT GUAI).  She felt that THE PREGNANT MAIDEN's character was very similar to hers.  Because she was mischievous , at the time she displayed her own personality.

Back then fans of Chan Bo Chu and Josephine Siao Fong Fong were constantly at odds.  Sister Bo Chu pointed out that at the time Sister Fong Fong's fans gave her the nickname "fat pig butt", at the time she did not know she was fat.  She even thought she was very pretty.  She said, "Maybe because I was very simple.  I didn't think about anything at all.  I was a glutton, fans often bought chicken legs and roasted duck legs for me.  I could sleep at any moment too, so I got fat easily."  Sister Bo Chu revealed that Sister Fong Fong's nickname was "Roasted chicken Fong" because she was thin.

Sister Bo Chu pointed out that when she and Fong Fong worked on LOVE ETERNAL, when Sister Fong Fong had a solo performance Sister Bo Chu's fans all got up to go to the bathroom.  Sister Bo Chu joked that all the chairs made noise.  Although their fans were at each other's throats, their relationship was not harmed.  Sister bo Chu pointed out that now she often goes to Fong Fong's home for meals.  Because Fong Fong's hearing was poor, she did not like to go out and eat.  They would each bring a dish to Fong Fong's home to share and chat.  Speaking of her fan support over the years, Sister Bo Chu joked, "Because I am great!"  Sister Bo Chu said that she treated her fans like family, and her fans also "loved her family" just the same.  When Sister Bo Chu was not in Hong Kong, they would accompany Sister Bo Chu's mother to restaurants and play mahjong
with her.

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