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Taiwan fantasy film FA YEUNG (RIPPLE)'s cast including Sandra Ng Kwan Yu, Simon Yam Tat Wa, Jerry Yan (Ying Sing Yuk), Ivy Chen and Joe Cheng Yuen Cheung two days ago met the media in costume in Kaohsiung.  The film's backdrop would be set the relationships between pirates and singers over 200 years ago.  The production even spent 30 million for the main set "Ripple House" in the Ciaotou District of Kaohsiung.  After 20 years away from making a movie in Taiwan, Ng Kwan Yu and Yam Tat Wa were very happy to work with the new generation of Taiwan actors.  For her first film production in Tainan, Kwan Yu liked the sunny climate and the food of Kaohsiung.  In addition in 2004 she won Best Actress at the Golden Horse Award that was held in Tainan, so Tainan was a lucky place for her.  She joked that all of FA YEUNG's cast would have to win the Golden Horse Award.

Playing the pirate captain Yam Tat Wa not only needed a special mouth piece but his tattoos required eight hours to complete, which made him state that the costume film production was very tough.  He hoped in the next five years he would not make another costume film.  However after coming to Taiwan for the film he also fell in love with Taiwan.  He said, "I hope to have a chance to buy a property in Tainan and enjoy farm life."  Brother Wa whose birthday will be on the 19th also received a cake from the production in advance as the cast sang the birthday song.  He said, "I love Taiwan too much."

Brother Wa said that fellow pirate in the film Jerry was fully explosive.  He even said, "I have never seen anyone so handsome."  Jerry responded, "Brother Wa's kindness comes from the heart."  He also said that Yam's professionalism deeply encouraged him.  Ivy Chen said that the costume film production was very hard.  She not only had to grasp the lifestyle in ancient times but the costumes were also more troublesome than modern films; she even revealed that leads Jerry and Cheng Yuen Cheung will not only have an intimate kiss scene but also physical action scenes.  Cheng Yuen Cheung joked that this was a costume film that had "all kinds of relationships".

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