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The Nick Cheung Ka Fai, Simon Yam Tat Wa, Janice Man Wing Shan and Candy Yu On On starred NIGHTFALL (DAI JUI BO) after three days in release has become the box office champion.  As of the weekend its cumulative box office reached 4,404,819.  The Ka Fai wanted poster iPhone case has already become a hot property online.  Both working overseas, Ka Fai and Brother Wa after learning the good news agreed that they looked forward to breaking 10 million at the box office.  The on screen mother and daughter Yu On On and Man Wing Shan celebrated with tea first.

Many viewers have talked about the film online after watching it and even praised Ka Fai and Brother Wa's acting.  Ka Fai said, "It's very heart warming, I truly feel lucky.  As for whether it will be nominated for any film award, it's too early to say.  I am already very satisfied with having everyone's appreciation and recognition of my acting.  I am on call at any time, as soon as I receive even better news I will fly back to Hong Kong to celebrate with the production.  I will even go to the movies and support myself again to see the live audience's reaction."  As for the iPhone case with his likeness being popular online, Ka Fai said, "Hey, brother, I want one too.  Lately many fans kept asking me.  I really have to stock up with the film company."  Brother Wa was not in Hong Kong so his wife Qi Qi went on his behalf to the movies.  She immediately reported to him how she felt about the movie and the audience reaction, which he treated as one of his cozy birthday presents this year.

As for "mother and daughter" On O nand Man Wing Shan, they did not wait for the film company to celebrate.  They already celebrated with high tea.  Man Wing Shan excitedly said, "Every night when I receive the box office numbers from co-workers I am both excited and nervous, like waiting for a report card.  I really have to thank fans and viewers for their support and encouragement.  Many fans' heart ached at the abuse I took from (Michael) Wong Man Tak. I am truly veyr happy to see everyone so into this film."  Sister On On said that she was the happiest about having another daughter Man Wing Shan during this film production, and seeing viewers liking this film everyday online.

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