Tuesday, March 20, 2012


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The film NATURAL BORN LOVERS (TIN SUN OI CHING KONG) yesterday held a press conference.  Actors Julian Cheung Chi Lam, Annie Liu (Lau Sum Yau) and director Patrick Kong (Yip Lim Sum) attended.  The event was arranged for Cheung Chi Lam who played a baker to decorate a cake.  Chilam revealed that Sum Yau actually had a fear of anything white and felt nauseous when she saw cake with white icing.  Yet during the shoot she still looked like she enjoyed it.

Chilam also revealed that yesterday at the event he and Sum Yau went to the 4D cinema to watch 4D SEX AND ZEN (4D YUK PO TUEN).  He joked that they were the only ones in the room but the chairs kept on rocking.  It was very embarrassing.  Sum Yau later even awkwardly removed his glasses but he thought it was rather surprising and interesting.  As for Sum Yau and Kevin Cheng Ka Wing's rumor, he joked that during the shoot he was interested in introducing someone to her but she turned him down.  Actually she already had someone in mind.  He said that was good, as she would not have to be so dry anymore.

Lau Sum Yau pointed out that the shoot was very comfortable, like a big dinner party everyday.  Recently Cheng Ka Wing was rumored to have started courting her while they were working on a Mainland television series.  Sum Yau asked reporters back, "Really?" but did not directly reply.  She only complimented him as a good actor.  She said, "I believe privately he wouldn't like me.  (Any chance for development?)  My knowledge of him is limited, it would depend on whether I have a chance to get to know him more.  It also depends on luck."  Sum Yau admitted that they exchanged numbers.  She is looking for someone with filial piety.  She also pointed out that she was very shy in love and hoped to be more open.

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