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The Ann Hui On Wa directed film A SIMPLE LIFE (TOH JEH) not only won at the Venice Film Festival and the Taiwan Golden Horse Award, since it March 8 Mainland release it has been climbing at the box office.  Its opening day made 13 million RMB, breaking all March 8 film release opening box office record in the Mainland and the March 8 Chinese film first week box office record.  It also broke Hui On Wa film's total Mainland box office record and the highest Hong Kong dramatic film box office.  Thus the film company yesterday held a celebration in Beijing.  Leads Andy Lau Tak Wa, Deanie Ip Tak Han and Qin Hailu attended.

At the celebration, the host first announced that A SIMPLE LIFE created box office records in four lands on both sides of the straits.  Its Mainland first week box office broke 36 million in four days; in Hong Kong and Macao it made almost HK$ 9 million over three days of the weekend and crushed Hollywood film JOHN CARTER.  In Taipei it first week box office was NT$ 7.8 million and 1.6  million across Taiwan, with the high film admission rate.  As of March 14 its broke 70 million RMB in four lands on both sides of the straits.  For the film's critical and commercial success, the soul characters of the film Ip Tak Han and Wa Jai not only thanked the director but also the crew and the audience.  At the same time director Hui On Wa's persistence was rewarded and gave all filmmakers who loved drama a shot of confidence.

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