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Hong Kong director Wong Jing's first film about the workplace was the star studded MARRYING MR. PERFECT (GA GOR 100 FUN NAM YUN).  Today, Director Wong led actors Gigi Leung Wing Kei and Ronald Cheng Chung Kei to Shenzhen.  He even said, "I will defend the last territory for Hong Kong style comedy."

Wong Jing said, "The film mainly was a romantic love story about leftover men and women.  Cheng Chung Kei and Leung Wing Kei played a romantic fairy tale, while (Chapman) To Man Jat and Xie Na played an alternative love story.  This film very realistically displayed all the hot topics like the hidden rules of the workplace, love in the workplace, and pranks at the workplace."

Even more wonderful was the production all received good news.  First lead actor Cheng Chung Kei had a daughter and was promoted to "100 point old man", then three leads Leung Wing Kei, Xie Na and Natalie Meng Yao all found their "100 point men".  Leung Wing Kei said, "When love arrives, you have to properly grasp it, hold it, then you can receive the happiness of love."  Wong Jing said, "Actually chasing girls is very easy, as long as you have genuine heart you can."  Cheng Chung Kei joked, "All the secrets are in the film, you can feel all the girl chasing secrets that director Wong Jing and I studied."  The release company in order to spread this love even prepared "gifts of love" for viewers.

Wong Jing said, "This time I used my years of relationship and luckily received over 20 friends' full support.  The leads are Leung Wing Kei, Cheng Chung Kei, To Man Jat and Xie Na, even the support players are in the class of (Eric) Tsang Chi Wai, (Sandra) Ng Kwan Yu, Guo Degang."  He said, "I dare to guarantee.  This film definitely will make you laugh until you cry, it is the most effective 'stress release way' from the busy work life."

According to Wong Jing, at the end of this year he will make a serious film that will have no comedy at all.  Yet he was still very optimistic about Hong Kong style comedy's future and felt that it will be the invincible trend of future film development.

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