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[2012.03.15] SHU QI "FIGHTS HERSELF"

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Shu Qi in the film THE SECOND WOMAN (CHING MAI) played twins sisters who ended up at odds.  In one scene she had to "fight herself" in a struggle on a boat at sea.  To play this scene she was in the freezing cold water for almost 10 hours and even because she was too in character that she scared people away.

Shu Qi played twin sisters who had relationships with Shawn Yue Man Lok.  After the younger sister learned about her older sister's relationship with Yue Man Lok, they rowed to sea.  The younger sister was relentless, during the struggle she fell into the sea.  The older sister extended her hand to save her, but then she used an oar to splash the water with a murderous look on her face; later, the younger sister raised her hand from the water to try to pull her sister in.  When the sea calmed down again, only one person returned to shore.

Shu Qi was very in character when she made the "sister struggle" and scared away the director and the crew.  Director Carol Lai Miu Shuet remembered at the time the crew on the set was unusually silent.  No one dared to be near Shu Qi.  Shu Qi had to change costumes over a dozen times and finally she truly collapsed.  She said, "Acting with myself is very tough already, I also had to fight myself.  I actually was a super masochist."

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