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The 6th Asian Film Awards last night took place.  The event around 5:30PM began the 3 hour long red carpet ceremony.  Unfortunately the more familiar stars did not appear until the end and made everyone feel the ceremony was too long.  On the red carpet, more eye catching was Yumiko Cheng Hei Yi.  She admitted that she was not afraid of wardrobe malfunction, "The company loaned the dress to me, I also feel I have courage."  Steven Cheung Chi Hung who accompanied her said that he would protect her the entire way and carried a knife, but he did not dare to look around either.  He only dared to look straight ahead.

Deanie Ip Tak Han and director Ann Hui On Wa arrived together.  When asked about her confidence to win, she admitted that she was confident and also said that every competitor had an equal change.  If he won what would she like Wa Jai to give her?  She said that she should not be so greedy.  As for celebrating, she said that she would wait until she successfully lost weight before celebrating.  A strong rival for Ip Tak Han, A SEPARATION's lead actress Leila Hatami last night brought her husband and children.  Coming to Hong Kong for the first time, she said Hong Kong was very beautiful.  Because she liked to travel, this time she brought her family.   Last year with this film she has been to many different film festivals, she said that each nomination felt unreal and exciting.

The Taiwan film that broke Hong Kong box office record, YOU ARE THE APPLE OF MY EYE's leads Ko Chen-Tung, Michelle Chen, director Giddens Ko and producer Angie Chai appeared together.  Michelle Chen even appeared in white, which she explained that because in the film she always wore white.  As for competing with Best Actress Ip Tak Han, she was very happy and has seen A SIMPLE LIFE (TOH JEH) already.  She thought it was great.  She also said that she would not increase her salary because of the nomination.  Ko Chen-Tung was not nominated for Best Actor, only Best Newcomer.  He said that he was not upset and would not think too much.  Instead he liked Hong Kong more and more.  As for his raise he said that he was not the one who would decide that.

Kwai Lun-Mei was nominated for Best Supporting Actress with FLYING SWORDS OF DRAGON GATE (LUNG MOON FEI GAP).  She was very excited about her first nomination.  Although her first fight scene was very tough, she thanked director Tsui Hark for showing the audience a different her.  Best Actor presenter Karen Mok Man Wai was very excited and admitted that she picked Wa Jai.  If he truly won she definitely would kiss him.  As for her good sister Gigi Leung Wing Kei's pregnancy rumor, she said that she would wait until Gigi responds herself.  Best Costume Designer presenter Shawn Yue Man Lok appeared in a dress.  He said that because in earlier award shows he has already worn a suit many times, this time he wanted to try something new.  Ni Ni who came in Hong Kong for the first time revealed that she was very happy to have a chance to visit Causeway Bay yesterday.

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