Friday, March 30, 2012


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The film FAIRY TALE KILLER (JUI HUNG) yesterday held a trailer and first poster launch press conference in Beijing.  Director Danny Pang Fat led Lau Ching Wan and Wang Baoqiang to the event.  The film will be released in mid May.  The first poster was unveiled at the event, which also played the film trailer.  In the trailer Wang Baoqiang's "scarred look" was very frightening.

Wang Baoqiang appeared to be very excited yesterday.  He said that he has seen many of Big Brother Ching Wan's movies and he was very lucky to be able to work with him this time.  This character was the biggest breakthrough in his career.  His look in the film also required a lot of courage.  After make up he even scared himself when he looked at the mirror.  At first he was afraid that he would not perform well, luckily the director gave him confidence.  After two days he was completely fine.  Baoqiang pointed out that one scene was very memorable.  At the police station he spat on Big Brother Ching Wan's face.  Although everyone was a professional actor, Big Brother Ching Wan was an elder.  He was very reserved.  Finally Big Brother Ching Wan firmly said that he had to spit, so he really spat on Ching Wan's face.  He was truly very sorry.

Ching Wan said that the most memorable was the first time he met Wang Baoqiang.  He felt that he looked too much like the killer in the film.  The director truly chose the right person.  Everyone knew the communication between actors often did not require language.  The host gave Lau Ching Wan a chance at revenge.  Lau Ching Wan generously embraced Baoqiang and laughed, "I want to melt him with love, I won't use any violent way."

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