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The Lu Chuan directed summer epic THE LAST SUPPER yesterday held a global "start of the feast" press conference.  The director and actors including Liu Ye, Daniel Wu (Ng Yin Cho), Chang Chen, Qin Lan and Huo Siyan appeared together and announced the film's first concept trailer and the 14 characters' concept photos.  The investors and the creative team inventively used a sword that was hidden inside a fish shaped cake to cut the cake and announced the official "start of the feast".  Lu Chuan said that the sword hidden in the fish belly was a historical fact and a very exciting and important idea in the film.  Thus he used it for the promotion!

The trailer's theme was Liu Bang's nightmare and through Liu Bang's point of view displayed the turbulence history that was full of killing and rivalry between Xiang Yu, Han Xin, Empress Lu, Xiao He, Zhang Liang and other heroes.  A self proclaimed "history buff", Lu Chuan for the film studied ancient history for eight months.  In the trailer Liu Bang's line "Qin Imperial Palace is a key that can open everyone's deepest desires" showed that this film not only talked about war and power but also humanity and betrayal, ideal and self.  Lu Chuan said, "THE LAST SUPPER is not the Hong Gate Banquet.  It is the fate of a group of people.  It isn't just a banquet but a historical truth."  The actors also unveiled each character photo from drawing straws.  The Ng Yin Cho version Xiang Yu's dark domination, the Liu Ye version Liu Bang's wild carelessness, the Chang Chen version Han Xin's tragic heaviness, the Qin Lan version Empress Lu's weathered grandeur were completely opposite the actors' own image because the director hoped to bring back a real historical figure in front of the audience.

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