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The 36th Hong Kong International Film Festival opening ceremony took place last night.  This year's film festival ambassador Miriam Yeung Chin Wa led her film LOVE IN THE BUFF (CHUN GIU YU JI MING) actors Shawn Yue Man Lok, Mini Yang Mi and director Pang Ho Cheung arrived at the red carpet and host the unveiling ceremony with international film star and Paris International Film Festival chair Charlotte Rampling, Peter Chan Ho Sun and others.

The very pregnant Chin Wa walked the red carpet with co-star Yue Man Lok, as Lok Jai carefully gave her a hand.  Before the event, Chin Wa wore flats.  Yet on the carpet she still changed into high heels.  Chin Wa later said, "Because flats are very gross with this dress, I have to wear platform shoes no matter what."  Did Chin Wa keep the high heels from her husband Real Ting Chi Ko?  She joked, "Don't mention it, I sent him away."  Lok Jai said that Chin Wa truly was daring because Chin Wa ordered him to give her a hand.  "In awhile I would do more than giving you a hand, I can carry you if you want."

Chin Wa due to pregnancy left promotion responsibilities to Lok Jai and other actors.  Lok Jai said that he did not feel bothered.  Earlier Chin Wa did not promote in the Mainland, he, Mini Yang Mi and director Pang Ho Cheung were responsible for the Mainland and Taiwan promotions.  Chin Wa said, "I am very sorry that I couldn't go and have to rely on them."  Chin Wa will attend the LOVE IN THE BUFF premiere tonight.  Will her husband stop her?  She said, "No, because it's work.  I just have to ask Lok Jai to keep an eye on me and I will be fine."  Lok Jai, "That's right, then you cah split some salary with me."  Chin Wa said, "What I will give will only be enough for you to pay a down payment."  Lok Jai said, "Let's not talk about that, it's very sensitive.  As soon as we talk about it I am breaking out in rashes."

Kelly Chen Wai Lam yesterday gave birth to her over six pound second son "Little Juicy Bun".  Chin Wa said, "That's right, I am very happy.  She is amazing, several days ago she still took her son to school."  Chin Wa believed that Kelly was resting.  She through her company asked Kelly opinions on baby cribs and thanked Kelly for them.  She said, "I knew the last few months of the pregnancy was very tough, now she finally gave birth."  Lok Jai said that all the female stars went to have babies.  Chin Wa made fun of Lok Jai and said, "You'd better hurry up too, claiming to be a Giant Dragon yourself."  Lok Jai congratulated Kelly.  After two sons he wished for a daughter for her.  Kelly said that she will not have another?  Lok Jai said that it was in the heat of the moment.

LOVE will premiere tonight.  Earlier the premiere tickets supposedly rant out.  Lok Jai said that he had a hard time getting just two tickets.  Chin Wa said, "They said I had 80, actually I gave them all out very quickly.  I only had a dozen or so left.  My husband will book a show for friends, but one show may not be enough.  If we book another show we may charge."  Chin Wa said that it was pretty good to have her husband promoting.  Who would promote for Lok Jai?  Lok Jai joked that he himself was already one.  Was he not a Giant Dragon?  He said, "I am big in other areas, I am small in seniority.  I too have to book shows, friends wanting to see it is better than no one wanting the ticket even if you give it away."Yang Mi said that she will book a show in Beijing for friends.  In addition, Chan Ho Sun was selected to be this film festival's Filmmaker in Focus.  His wife Sandra Ng Kwan Yu originally was working abroad but rushed back last night to support him.  She said that the next day she will leave Hong Kong again to continue her film production and jokingly demanded that Peter buy her dinner.  Kwan Yu said that on the 27th the film festival will conduct a exhibit for Peter.  She will invite all friends to attend.

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