Thursday, March 29, 2012


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Shu Qi in support of Donnie Yen Chi Tan faced online attacks, which made her helplessly remove her microblog to avoid malicious attacks.  Artists and fans alike were reluctant and heart broken to see her like this, but she has already strongly stood up again and on her official site responded as the Shu Qi official site fan club.  Shu Qi said that she would thank people who have hurt her because they enabled her to keep learning and growing.  Although the process hurt a little and was a little hard to take, but are people not alive for spiritual practice? Thus she thanked people who did not love her for giving her the chance for spiritual practice.  Then she properly would consider life direction.

Shu Qi also did not care about any comment.  She has managed to walk through, get through and persist through the storms of the past 17 years.  Being able to continue to live in this circle and having the love of many, she believed that her parents burnt a lot of incense for her ancestors.  Thus other storms would pass, trading accusations and name calling would only add to each other's negative energy.  She wish the world would not need to fight in the future, positive energy will be able to crush negative energy for people who need warmth to experience the power of love.  She admitted that for now although she was a little weak and did not know what to do, she just needed a little time and she will properly, strongly get through it and be better than before.  Very soon she will have a heroic good woman, no one should worry about her.

According to Shu Qi's manger, her future work schedule has not been affected.  Next month she will attend a public event at the soonest.

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