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The Deanie Ip Tak Han and Andy Lau Tak Wa starred film A SIMPLE LIFE (TOH JEH) two nights ago held a charity special screening in Tai Koo and Causeway Bay.  The Tai Koo UA special charity show raised fund for the Hong Kong Breast Cancer Foundation.  Sister Deanie was very friendly when she arrived, as she did not turn down picture requests from any guest.  However Foundation ambassador Bernice Liu Bik Yi was late and made the Venice Best Actress wait.

Sister Deanie urged women to have scheduled breast cancer screening.  If any of her friend unfortunately had breast cancer, Sister Deanie admitted that she would encourage her.  A regular cold was already bad enough, not to mention life and death.  Thus she would be more willing to listen.  In the film Sister Deanie played a maid Sister Peach.  She said that being able to take care of others was fortunate, but being taken care of was not a bad thing either because you could appreciate others' care.  However she still preferred to take care of others more.

Just completing the Malaysia promotion and returning to Hong Kong, Sister Deanie was elated about its box office success.  "That's good!  Thank you Hong Kong viewers.  Actually I am very touched.  At first I was very afraid that Wa Jai would lose money.  Such a righteous movie is so popular, proving that Hong Kong people have brains."  Two nights ago Wa Jai did not appear, but tomorrow they will celebrate and Wa Jai should attend.  Was Wa Jai's wife close to the expectant date?  Sister Deanie said that she was not sure and worried about Wa Jai's scolding.  If he liked to talk about it he would.

Meanwhile, the Causeway Bay special charity show proceeds were donated to the Banyan Elderly Services Association.  Director Ann Hui On Wa said that that elderly center earlier introduced many Ma Jeh to them for research, thus when Wa Jai learned that they were raising fund he offered to loan the film.  As for the film success, Ann said, "It's good to have so many viewers."  She was not worried that the numerous charity special screenings would affect the box office.  Would the commercial and critical success of the film push her to make more movies about seniors?  She said that it would not, but she admitted that good box office made finding investors easier.  Currently she was planning a dramatic film.

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