Saturday, March 17, 2012


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Gaile Lok
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Gaile Lok, Janice Man WIng Shan, Jade Kwan Sum Yin, Lillian Ho Ka Lei and Emme Wong Yee Man two nights ago attended MOISELLE 2012 Spring and Summer Fashion show.

Janice Man recently has been busy with her new film NIGHTFALL (DAI JUI BO)'s promotion.  Her performance received good reviews, and she was elated to see the great audience reaction.  After learning that many viewers were teary eyed after the movie, JM felt very happy.  She said, "My assistant and I after watching the premiere could not stop crying, I was being abused!  It's very tragic and heart wrenching!  Mommy's heart ached when she saw me being hit.  (Did you feel any pressure over the box office?)  No, I only want to do my part."

She revealed that in the future she still will mainly develop in film.  Currently she had two new films in negotiation and will try her hands on an action role.  Because she was constantly getting hit in the film, she would like the chance to try to hit someone.

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