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Teresa Mo Shun Kwan earlier accepted Clifton Ko Chi Sum's aTV program interview.  Ko Chi Sum was the ALL'S WELL ENDS WELL (GA YAU HEI SI) director.  At the time Ko Chi Sum upset one of the leads Maggie Cheung Man Yuk over something on the second day of the shoot.  With a dozen or so days left, Ko Chi Sum was very worried.  Mo Mo at the time gave his an idea.  One day the four couples shot a wedding scene, when Ko Chi Sum saw the "brides" he praised the brides as very pretty.  Mo Shun Kwan said, "Are you talking about me?"  Ko Chi Sum who has already rehearsed his lines said, "Do you think you are Maggie?"  Cheung Man Yuk was very pleased and immediately gave Ko Chi Sum a high five.  They laughed and forgot about the grudge.  Then the dozen or so days of shoot went smoothly.  Ko Chi Sum also appreciated how Mo Mo saved his life.

Mo Shun Kwan played mostly "ugly characters" in Ko Chi Sum's movies.  Ko Chi Sum pointed out that very few actresses would make a sacrifice like she did.  Mo Mo said that only in recent years was she
complimented for her beauty.  At the time everyone thought she was very suitable to play those roles.  She herself did not mind whether she was pretty or not, the most important was whether the character was fun.  However, she felt comedy was very hard to make.  It required great communication with co-stars and the director.  Mo Mo also remembered Leslie Cheung Kwok Wing on the program.  She said when she attended his funeral, she lost control when she looked at him through the glass and thought why Gor Gor would do this.  She only wanted him to hurry up and wake up.

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